Positive ecological thinking has always been at the heart of the Carbon Clean ethos.
Our mission is simple, to make engines run smoother & reduce vehicle emissions globally.

History & Heritage

Established in 2014, My Engine Carbon Cleaner has grown from strength to strength. As a business we initially started off by offering drivers professional Engine Carbon Cleaning. Since then, we have extended our offering to include the best in class DPF Cleaning alongside a whole host of additional vehicle services.

We have helped to improve the performance, fuel efficiency, driveability, and engine life of thousands of vehicles. We are unique in being able to cater for any type of vehicle, despite the make or model.

As a business we are proud to be contributing actively in reducing the global carbon emissions in every corner of the world.

– Carbon Clean

Environmental Ethos

In 2016 Carbon Clean pioneered Oxyhydrogen technology in the automotive sector as a fast, safe and trusted method of cleaning carbon from combustion engines. Previous engine cleaning methods would require stripping the engine or using harsh chemicals and additives that would further pollute the atmosphere when expelled.

Our carbon cleaning machines connect directly to the engine with no mechanical interference AND they run on water! We took a process that would take days to complete and reduced that to around half an hour.  By removing the inhibitive costs and timescales associated with deep engine cleaning we have made it easy for drivers to get the best driving experience from their vehicles while reducing fuel costs and extending the life of their engines.

We took a similar approach when we extended our range to include state of the art DPF cleaning systems that enabled garages to clean filters in house rather than sending them away to a third party specialist. Making DPF restoration a much quicker and more accessible service means more vehicles on the road with correctly functioning exhaust systems which again is a boost for the environment. It also means that more drivers can avoid the expensive replacement option and radically cut the time their vehicle is off the road.


Research & Development

Research and Development is a key aspect of our approach. We aim to ensure the best results for our customers by staying ahead of curve in automotive environmental technology. We have continued to innovate and upgrade our machines, the best practice for their use and the scope of cleaning solutions we are able to offer.

With a Global reach of 19 countries we are the most trusted Carbon Cleaning organisation currently in the world. The environmental benefits of our services have rolled out to places as far as India, the US and China. We supply hundreds of Carbon Clean Centres and Engineers worldwide from our Headquarters in London.