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4 Reasons Why You Should Get A Carbon Clean Done

More About our Engineers in Aberdeen

The specialist Carbon Clean Engineers in Aberdeen have over 16 years experience in the care, maintenance and repair of your vehicle’s engine.

Our Unbeatable Price Promise

Whether you are trying to save on replacement costs, looking for better fuel economy or engine performance, we can offer a solution to this problem at unbeatable prices. 
We can offer these great prices due to the connections that we have built up during our motor trade years. We talk to suppliers across the country to ensure that the best products are used while also frequently training our staff and equipping our garage with the latest technology.   
You may be looking to simply save money on an otherwise expensive repair bill, or, you may just be looking to improve the resale of your vehicle. Whatever you have in mind, we can help while also offering the best price in Aberdeen. 

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Why Carbon Clean Your Engine?

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a mobile service all across Aberdeen.

Carbon Cleaning starts from £79 and further discounts are available if you book for more than 1 vehicle at the same location.

A carbon clean service will take 30-60 minutes depending on your vehicle.

No, we don’t use any harmful chemicals. Our state-of-the-art technology feeds HHO gas into your engine which attracts the carbon and soot deposits and expels it as a gas naturally, out through the exhaust.

Yes. Performing an engine carbon cleaning service will help break down the carbon that's built up in your diesel particulate filter. If your DPF is severely blocked we suggest a specialist DPF clean from our partners here >

We recommend you carry out a carbon clean every 10k-12k miles, or simply every time you do a regular engine service. This will ensure the carbon deposits are continuously removed giving you better fuel economy, good performance, and longer lasting engine.

Yes, we have carried out thousands of carbon cleans all over the world and the results have been impressive. Better fuel economy, lower emissions, cleaner engine and restored performance and some of the obvious differences.

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