Engine Carbon Cleaner- Is it worth it?

Too often many drivers question the benefits of a carbon cleaner and wonder whether booking their vehicle will have any real benefits to their engine.

We can tell you that it is definitely worth sparing 30 minutes of your day to allow us to remove the carbon deposits which may have built up in your combustion engine! A professional carbon cleaner like the one our engineers use, can remove stubborn carbon deposits from all different parts on your engine.

carbon cleaner with bmw vehicle

Many people don’t realize that carbon naturally builds up in all combustion engines in both petrol and diesel vehicles. The extent of which carbon adversely affects your vehicle depends on whether you keep up to date with regular maintenance services, your driving behavior (driving around town or motorway driving) and even the quality of fuel you use.

If you’ve owned the same vehicle from new, I’m sure you’ve noticed a deterioration over the years in performance, fuel economy and more engine noise and that’s partly due to carbon build-up.

Our Carbon Cleaning Service is the perfect way to remove carbon build-up from all types of vehicles engines. Whether you have a car, motorbike, van, commercial fleet or even a boat, we can perform a carbon clean service for it!

Is it worth it? Definitely, and you’ll be surprised how quick you notice the results.

Why is it worth getting an engine carbon cleaner?

  • Improved vehicle performance
  • Better fuel economy
  • Reduced engine noise/ vibration
  • Prevents further engine related problems
  • Leaves your vehicle with a healthier engine
  • Also improves the performance of your DPF (if you have Diesel vehicles)

Our machine’s technology is the best on the market and we have hundreds of examples to show clear improvements on a wide range of vehicles. Range Rovers to BMWs to Bentleys to commercial vehicles! You can learn more about carbon removal in this video >

This vehicle below was suffering from a clear lack of performance with a high level of harmful emissions. You can see the emissions fell by a whopping 38% and the driver noticed a more responsive engine immediately. You can also see how we drastically improved a Porsche 996 engine here >

A quick 30-45 minute service by our trained engineers can give some amazing benefits to your vehicle. So if you’re looking for a professional, effective carbon cleaner then Check out your closest centre or mobile engineer or if you have further questions, simple call our team directly.


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