Improving Your Car With Carbon Removal

Having a well-performing car is a key aspect of daily life. You need trust in your car, knowing it’ll be able to get you to and from places without any problems. If your car’s been underperforming, or you know it can do better, we’re here to help!

Keep reading the post below to find out how carbon cleaning is a key process and how it can benefit your car!

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All About Carbon

Carbon builds up in every engine, no matter the type of car you have. Carbon deposits are a by-product of combustion in an engine. These come from incomplete fuel combustion!

To ensure your car runs smoothly, you need to have the carbon deposits removed, this allows your engine to work as it should! Once they’ve been removed, your car will be in perfect working order!

Not cleaning the carbon from your engine can cause a loss in fuel economy, stalling, engine knocking and even overheating. When your engine overheats, it can cause even more damage to your car.

Any amount of carbon build-up can prematurely destroy your engine, especially if you leave it to go untouched for a considerable amount of time.

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Carbon Cleaning

Our Carbon Cleaning service is a fantastic and simple three-step process and of course, we’re going to talk you through it! Firstly though, it’s important to note that none of your car’s components will be removed from your car throughout this service!

Step One

The first step in this handy process is a diagnostic check. This means, that before we even start the Carbon Cleaning service on your vehicle, we’ll carry out a diagnostic check to be able to better understand the amount of carbon build-up your car has.

We’ll also be able to give you a printout of your vehicle’s current smoke levels and emissions!

Step Two

Next, it’s time for the main event, performing the carbon clean on your vehicle. Now the diagnostic check is complete, the cleaning can get underway. This entire process should take no longer than 30 minutes, though this is dependent on the size of your vehicle and the type of vehicle you have.

Step Three

Now the cleaning is complete, another diagnostic check will be carried out to make sure all of the carbon is gone. We’ll then provide you with a printout of your vehicle’s smoke levels and emissions again. With this step, you’ll be able to see the difference our cleaning has made!


There are so many great benefits to this service, including all of the ones we mentioned at the start of this post! 

  • Cost Effective – This process provides you with a cost-effective solution to cleaning the carbon deposits from your engine.
  • Emissions – Carbon cleaning lowers the harmful emissions your car gives out.
  • Repair – You’ll be saving yourself the cost of some huge repairs to your engine.
  • Value – Taking care of your car’s engine like this can help to maintain the value of your car.

That’s everything! We’ve talked you through each great step of our carbon cleaning process, all you have to do now is get your car booked and soon enough, it’ll be running smoothly again.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you’re wanting to know even more about the services we off, or, request a quote! Call us on 0203 907 6387.

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