Are you experiencing signs of a blocked DPF?

Book your vehicle in for a DPF Clean with us. We are the only team which actually analyse your DPF prior to carrying out any repair services. As we like to make sure that we prescribe the best treatment for your vehicle

Cost effective solution

Hassle free service

Lowers harmful emissions

Prevents costly repair bills

Is your DPF warning light flashing at you?

Your DPF may be blocked!



What Is A DPF?

Put simply, a DPF sits within a vehicle’s exhaust system. The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is designed to hold the soot/diesel particles to reduce harmful emissions.

Why Do DPF Problems Arise?

DPF’s will always get blocked on diesel vehicles. DPF’s are not always able to regenerate when needed, therefore become blocked. This can be for a variety of reasons, such as driving style, vehicle conditions, or due to technical faults.

As the DPF builds up with soot and ash over time, it will become blocked with various warning signs appearing. This includes black smoke coming from your vehicle exhaust, the DPF warning light appearing on your dashboard, and more.

If you do not get the problem fixed the vehicle’s performance will decrease rapidly, resulting in your vehicle going into “limp mode” and may therefore become unusable until the DPF is unblocked.

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How we clean a blocked DPF…

Selecting the Right Treatment

Our diagnostic equipment allows us to check the condition of your DPF to prescribe the most beneficial treatment to remove the blockage and prevent diesel particulate filter problems from occurring in the near future. We have 3 different processes which can efficiently unblock DPF’s. The recommended process will be advised by your DPF specialist.

Option 1


On Car DPF Clean

A simple Oxyhydrogen engine treatment has been proven to have a regenerative effect on DPFs. By raising the temperature of the exhaust gasses, we can burn out most of the soot built up in your diesel particulate filter. This helps for partial blockages and can be carried out without having to dismantle the DPF from your vehicle. For filters with a more severe blockage we would advise carrying out a restoration solution.

Option 2

Car going through reconditioning

Reconditioning Treatment

Similar to the On Car DPF Clean option using a Oxyhydrogen Engine Treatment, this can be administered without having to remove the filter. All DPF regenerations will leave ash in the filter when the soot burns and this will eventually lead to a serious blockage. For this we recommend a reconditioning service.

Option 3


Off Car DPF Clean

We can guarantee near 100% restoration of even the most blocked DPFs and removal of all soot and ash with off-car DPF cleaning. This procedure requires the removal of your DPF and on average takes around 2-4 hours. In cases like this we’d refer you to a local DPF specialist centre.

We have performed DPF Cleans on thousands of vehicles, including a variety of types, makes & models.

The steps we take to ensure your DPF problem is solved...


Step 1

DPF Analysis

Our team are unique in performing a DPF analysis prior to carrying out any repair service. 

This allows us to analyse the severity of your DPF blockage and advise the best treatment suitable.

Step 2

The best treatment for you

Once we have completed a thorough DPF analysis we will advise you on the best DPF treatment for your vehicle. 

Please note that off car DPF cleaning will have to be carried out at your closest DPF Cleaning Centre.

Step 3

Problem solved!

After we have advised you on the best DPF treatment for your vehicle we will put you in touch with one of our DPF Cleaning Specialists, 

who will perform a professional DPF Clean for you to completely resolve your DPF issue.

Watch exactly how the DPF Cleaning process takes place...

Say goodbye to your blocked DPF

Off-Car DPF Cleaning Process

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We have performed DPF Cleans on thousands of vehicles, including a variety of types, makes & models.



There are noticeable warning signs that will alarm you that your DPF may be blocked. These include:


  • Black smoke coming from your exhaust
  • DPF warning light flashing on your dashboard
  • Vehicle is burning fuel a lot quicker than usual 
  • A loss of power in your engine
  • A pungent smell of diesel 

All types of diesel vehicles.

Instead of replacing your DPF when it’s blocked with a new manufacturer DPF, you can have it cleaned for a fraction of the price. Our DPF Cleaning service is just as effective. 

We are unique in being able to offer you a completely hassle free DPF cleaning service.

Our team are equipped with diagnostic equipment which allows us to check the severity of your DPF blockage. This allows us to analyse your DPF problem and advise you on the best solution to fix it.

A DPF Clean typically takes around 1 hour to perform depending on:

  • The severity of your blockage
  • The type of DPF solution that is being carried out

We have a nationwide network of DPF Cleaning Specialists. Please contact our team to find out where your local Mobile Engineer or DPF Cleaning Centre is based. 

With a huge nationwide network of Engine Carbon Cleaning & DPF Cleaning Specialists we are able to offer you simply the best service for your vehicle. Whether you require a mobile engineer or  prefer to visit one of our centres, you will always receive a professional, reliable and an effective service.