Extending Vehicle Engine Life

Having a super healthy car is a key aspect of anyone’s life. We all rely on our vehicles every day, they help us get to work, school, make deliveries and so much more. So ensuring your vehicle is performing at its best is vital.

Delve into the post below to find out everything there is on carbon cleaning, DPF cleaning and how you could benefit!

As we all know, within time, vehicles begin to show their age, but if you make positive efforts you can at least ensure your engine’s life is extended. This makes sure you’re getting the most out of your vehicle for as long as possible. 

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Extending Its Life

Now you know, why it’s important to keep your vehicle’s engine in full working order, we thought we’d explain how you can do so. 

An Engine Carbon Clean has many benefits but one of its biggest advantages is that this type of service extends the life of your engine. 

By removing up to 100% of the carbon built up in your vehicle’s engine, you can help to extend your vehicle’s engine life. This is because there won’t be any carbon or soot clogging up the engine. 

Customers have actually introduced carbon cleaning as part of their annual servicing plan to ensure that they keep on top of carbon build-up every year. This is a fantastic way to maintain the health of your engine. 

What’s even better is drivers are also then benefiting from other things a carbon clean offers such as better fuel economy, reduced emissions and more. 

The Benefits

By getting a carbon or DPF clean, you’ll have:

  • Better resale value
  • Produces fewer harmful emissions
  • Costs less in maintenance 
  • Better reliability 

These aren’t the only benefits of course, but they’re the main ones and they’re going to impact your life in a positive way the quickest!

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The Process Explained

Carbon Cleaning and DPF cleaning are two very similar processes, with one vital difference. DPF cleaning is specifically designed for diesel-made cars. This is because a petrol car won’t have a DPF (diesel particulate filter) attached to the engine.

Carbon cleaning and DPF cleaning both remove the excess build-up of soot and carbon from the engine. Over time, there’ll be a build-up from your everyday life, short journeys, staying idle in traffic and so much more can impact this type of build-up.

These processes can be done either on or off the car, meaning no parts need to be removed unless absolutely necessary. It tends to take around an hour but the time these services take can vary depending on the size of vehicle you have!

They’re all of the fantastic reasons we have on why you should get these services today. Don’t forget to give us a call or take a delve through our website to see what we have available. 
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