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Frequently Asked Questions

Engine carbon cleaning is the removal of carbon deposits that build up within the engine.

Any petrol or diesel vehicle

With each litre of fuel used in a vehicle, only 25% is used to generate performance from the engine. The remaining 75% is wasted, generating mostly heat, highly contaminant gases and carbon residues.

Our machines use electrolysis to split water (H2O) into its base molecules; 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen, creating oxyhydrogen gas (HHO). This highly flammable gas burns hotter than fossil fuel, but it implodes, and the gas also includes positive IONS which re-hydrate carbon. This gas is inserted into the air intake of the vehicle and the combination of these factors means the gas literally strips away carbon deposits that collect not only within the engine but throughout the entire exhaust system including EGR valves, catalytic converters and Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF).

Carbon deposits build up over time creating obstructions within the internals of the engine. These obstructions will at a minimum result in decreased performance, increased fuel consumption and poor emissions. At worst they can cause engine and component failure requiring costly repair.

If the vehicle sees a good mixture of town and open road driving every 12000 miles would be recommended. If the vehicle is used primarily in town or for short journeys every 6000 miles would be our recommendation.

Essentially everywhere you have combustion, so combustion chambers, exhaust valves, hot side of the turbo, EGR valves, catalytic converters, DPFs and the exhaust system.

You will immediately feel the benefits – throttle response will be improved and the engine will feel more eager and sound smoother and quieter. Economy will improve and the vehicles emissions will be reduced.

Yes; the engines performance reduces over time as carbon builds up. HHO cleaning will restore the engines performance to an ‘as new’ level!

No, HHO needs combustion to work and there is no combustion within the inlet manifold.

Instead of replacing your DPF when it’s blocked with a new manufacturer DPF, you can have it cleaned for a fraction of the price. Our DPF Cleaning service is just as effective. 

  • Black smoke coming from your exhaust
  • DPF warning light has come on, on your dashboard
  • Your vehicle has gone into limp mode
  • Your car is burning fuel a lot quicker than usual  
White Audi receiving Carbon Cleaning

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