How To Spot DPF Issues

Every diesel vehicle is likely to face DPF issues such as blockages, but it’s how you deal with those blockages that really matters. We all want a car we can still rely on years down the line and if you want to know exactly how to spot DPF issues, keep reading below. 

DPF Cleaning

DPF Cleaning is a simple process, prolonging the life of your car and helping it to run smoothly and stress-free. This type of service is specifically designed for Diesel vehicles since it’s only these types of vehicles that have DPFs. 

A DPF Clean can be carried out on any type of vehicle including passenger cars, vans, trucks and even commercial fleets! This process can be done with and without removing the DPF, it all depends on how severe the blockage is.

It’s all well and good knowing what a DPF clean is, but the key factor is being able to spot when a DPF blockage is there! 

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Spotting Issues

There are a few warning signs you’ll have when it comes to spotting a DPF issue with your car, and of course, we’re going to tell you exactly what they are!

  • Warning Symbol – A warning light will likely appear on the dashboard. This will be an amber light in the shape of a DPF. 
  • Fuel Economy – Your car will have bad fuel economy, costing you more money to fill your tank. 
  • Power – You might lose power in your car resulting in you being unable to start it.
  • Fan – Your car’s cooling fan will be working in overdrive, working harder and more than normal.
  • Stop-Start – Your car’s automatic stop-start system might stop working.
  • Limp Mode – Your car may go into limp mode (or as we like to put it, survival mode).
  • Black Smoke – You may also notice black smoke coming from your exhaust!

Cleaning your DPF when you notice one or more of these symptoms could save you thousands. If you let a DPF blockage fester, you could be buying a new car within a matter of months! 

Prevent costly new purchases and even more expensive DPF replacements by noticing your DPF blockage and getting it booked in for a DPF Clean instead. 

Booking your car in for a DPF Clean will save you thousands of pounds and will help save your car. DPF replacements can cost thousands which is why many people opt for a DPF Clean since it’s just as effective at getting rid of the blockage but is a fraction of the price. 

Now you know all of the warning signs to look out for, and how not to get tricked into buying a DPF replacement when these problems occur, you can feel more at ease when and if a DPF blockage occurs. 

If you think you’re experiencing signs of a blocked DPF just give us a call at 0203 907 6387 today.

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