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Carbon & DPF Cleaning Specialists

Take a look at the range of professional services we can offer which provide various benefits to your vehicle.

Engine Carbon Clean

Powerful Oxyhydrogen Engine Clean

Our Engineers are equipped with powerful Oxyhydrogen technology to remove the carbon build up from various parts of your engine. The process uses no chemicals, requires no removal of any engine parts and takes just 30 minutes to clean a 2l engine.

Recommended as part of your annual service.

• Improves Performance

• Improves Fuel Economy

• Extends Engine Life

• Reduces Emissions


• Prevents Costly Repair Bills

A low cost, straight forward, quick and environmentally friendly service.

Carbon builds up layer upon layer when fuel combusts in the engine cylinders. This creates a solid residue that clogs the piston head, resulting in a loss of performance and a number of other faults. Our technology blasts this residue from your engine, quickly, safely and without the use of chemicals. 

A Carbon Clean specialist can clean your engine in a matter of minutes, with no need to dismantle any part of it.


Hassle free DPF clean.

We are unique in being able to offer you a completely hassle free DPF cleaning service. There will always be a specialist close by with our professional network of DPF Cleaners which cover the nation. 

We are equipped with diagnostic equipment which allows us to check the condition of your DPF. We are then able to prescribe the most beneficial treatment to remove the blockage and to prevent diesel particulate filter problems from occurring so soon in the future.

We have 3 different processes we use to efficiently unblock DPF’s. The recommended process will be advised by your DPF specialist once they’ve examined the severity of your blockage.

• Repair rather than replace for a fraction of the price

• Improves Fuel Economy

• Lowers Harmful Emissions

• Prevents Costly Repair Bills

The Right Treatment For Your DPF

We offer 3 effective DPF cleaning processes, which may be offered as a fully mobile service or at one of our DPF Cleaning Centres.

1 Oxyhydrogen Engine Treatment

A simple Oxyhydrogen engine treatment has been proven to have a regenerative effect on DPFs. By raising the temperature of the exhaust gasses, we can burn out most of the soot built up in your diesel particulate filter. This helps for partial blockages but for filters with a more severe blockage we would advise carrying out a restoration solution.

2 Restoration Solution

Similar to the Oxyhydrogen Engine Treatment, this can be administered without having to remove the filter. All DPF regenerations will leave ash in the filter when the soot burns and this will eventually lead to a serious blockage. For this we recommend a reconditioning service. 

3 Off-Car DPF Clean

We can guarantee near 100% restoration of even the most blocked DPFs and removal of all soot and ash with off-car DPF cleaning. This procedure requires the removal of your DPF and on average takes around 2-4 hours. In most cases this can be performed at your location otherwise we’ll refer you to a local DPF specialist centre.

Additional Services

Engine Remapping

Treat your freshly carbon cleaned engine to a refreshing tune-up and maximise your performance gain. Our engineers are equipped with mobile engine tuning technology for that extra bit of smoothness and horse power.

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Interior Detox ozone technology we can fully sanitise your vehicle interior. Ozone gas kills all viruses and bacteria on contact and also removes odours like smoke, pet smells and more. This treatment targets even the deepest parts of your vehicle interior for complete sanitisation.

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