Causes OF DPF Issues

Having a blocked DPF can cause more damage than it really needs to. With the proper maintenance and care for your vehicle, you can avoid any kind of DPF blockage and keep your car running super smooth!

If you’re interested in the causes of a blocked DPF, keep reading below!


There is a wide range of reasons you’re likely to end up with a blocked DPF. This is when soot and carbon build up in the DPF, causing a blockage and preventing the car from running smoothly.

Driving in large amounts of traffic will result in a dirty DPF, it’ll have to work harder to remove harmful emissions. Cleaning it regularly is a necessity!

You’ll also find that frequent short journeys will have a negative impact on your DPF, causing more soot and carbon to build up in your DPF.

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Not having your DPF cleaned can result in you needing to buy a replacement DPF, which can cost up to thousands of pounds. By keeping your filter clean from harmful soot emissions, you’ll be able to ensure your car is kept in perfect working order and avoid paying out thousands of pounds for a new DPF!

You’ll see an increase in exhaust fumes, exhaust soot, your car using extra fuel from the fuel tank and so much more. Keep an eye out for that orange warning light and book yourself a cleaning service today, keep those costs down and avoid an increase in fuel consumption. All you need to do now is head over to our website or give us a call at 0203 907 6387 to enquire today!

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