Key benefits of an engine carbon clean

carbon cleaning a car

What are the benefits of an engine carbon clean and is it even worth it?

Carbon builds up in every combustion vehicle and slowly affects your vehicles over the years.

Our network of professional Engine Carbon Cleaners are qualified to perform a professional, deep clean on any type of vehicle, whether that be a car, van, truck, lorry, commercial fleet, motorbike or even a boat! But what are the benefits, and will you notice them?

The simple is yes! Performing an engine carbon clean service only takes 30 minutes but the results are astonishing.

When we perform our carbon removal service and successfully remove up to 100% of carbon from your combustion engine you will notice these fantastic benefits.  

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carbon cleaning a car

1. Improved vehicle performanceYou’ll immediately feel a significant improvement in the responsiveness of your engine. If there were any dull spots in the power train a carbon clean service will provide a smoother pick-up from a standing start. A lot of customers say that their vehicle feels “brand new again” after a service from our expert engineers. This is one of the signature Key benefits of an engine carbon clean with our innovative wet-cell HHO technology. Take a look at how we improved this Porsche engine >

2. A healthier engine  Excessive carbon build-up puts more pressure on other engine components and can deteriorate those parts ultimately causing malfunctions and costly repair bills.

3. Better fuel economy – Our carbon removal technology will help you to lower your fuel bills by removing clogged up carbon which affects fuel consumption. Carbon builds up in various parts of your engine which causes inefficient combustion.

4. Lower harmful emissions – An Engine carbon clean service can also drastically reduce the harmful emissions from your vehicles. We’ve improved all types of vehicles and in one case a Volkswagon failed it’s MOT test, but after an engine carbon clean we lowered the harmful emissions by 38% and then the vehicles passed with ease!

You see, far too often drivers are under the impression that carbon cleaning may cause damage to your vehicle. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Booking your vehicle in for an engine carbon clean is very easy and the engineer does not disassemble anything from your vehicle. It’s a quick 30-minute process by connecting our machine to your engine’s air intake.   You will notice even more benefits of an engine carbon clean for a long time after the 

Take a look at how carbon cleaning works in this video illustration and contact your local centre or our engineer for a mobile service.

So why wait? Request a Carbon Clean quote today.